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Software Solutions for the Digital Age

MHOUSE LABS is committed to developing software that empowers communities and the new digital ownership economy. Content creators, their audiences and brands are becoming part of a new dynamic ecosystem that is reinventing how we interact. We connect online content creators with the tools they need to communicate more directly with their audiences and free them from major platforms.

Platforms, Apps & Software

We help content creators break free from the control of monopolistic platforms. Our tools solve three critical needs:
1. Creators unlock new revenue streams from their audiences
2. Audiences receive exclusive experiences and access to creators
3. Together, these communities take the first steps in moving away from the existing large social platforms towards platforms and places they control.

Partners & Friends

Flawless Collaboration

We are building platforms where content creators control their own destiny and interact witht heir communities in new and exciting ways. We handle the technology, the advice and the partnerships to make your your membership community shine.

Content Creators

Content Creators are the core of our business. Join us and together we are stronger


Communities are the new capital and the most valuable thing on earth. Our goal is to empower communities with our tools


We aim for quality over quantity. That is why we handpick the creatives to join our platform. The barrier to entry may seem high, however we believe you get a lot of bang for your buck.


All of our creative pages are fully mobile responsive and display beautifully on any device.


As your creative focus changes, your profile with MHOUSE LABS should match. that is why our CMS system will always be customizable

UI Elements

UI is super important and we will always give the best user experience

Clean Code

All of our code is open source and where possible fully audited.


We provide full documentation every step of the way

Free Updates

As a platform provider, our updates come fast and furiously to ensure perfect user experience, however they are always free to our creatives and end users

Latest News

MHOUSE LABS launching ShowUps, a suite of membership subscription tools to empower creators and their communities to communicate and connect directly, free of external control.

Founding Team

Alex has a background in finance and technology and has delivered IT projects in 42 countries globally for some of the world’s largest companies.